About Us

The Uniform Company was started with the focus of organising, manufacturing and supplying of school uniforms, in a professional manner.

We have been in the business of manufacturing garments & uniforms for the corporate sector for the last 25 years .We have a in house manufacturing unit, which coupled with a strong design team results in us delivering quality styled products for our customers.

What we offer to the management of a school is a seamless process of identifying, selecting, manufacturing and delivery of their school uniforms in a timely manner. This could be done by identifying the supply models we can offer, so that they can get down to their primary focus – the education of the child.

To the parents, we offer, a quality product which would, result in their child being comfortable. In addition we also offer an on line order and reorder system, which would save them time and energy in getting the replacements throughout the year.

Finally for the child we offer a smart, comfortable uniform, which they feel proud of.

We manufacture school uniforms and are based in Pune and overseas at very competitive prices. We are an Indian, Pune based, family owned and operated company with over 27 years’ experience in the design, manufacture and supply of uniforms.

Being one of India’s Premier Uniform Suppliers and wholesalers, our services include:- 

  • Customised, wholesale & retail Uniforms
  • Staff Uniforms designed to complement your student attire
  • Ties, socks, belts, scarfs, bags and hats
  • Promotional items for your school
  • Branding – embroidery of school emblems on all items
  • Customized colours and patterns to match your existing uniforms 
  • Designs for new uniforms or rebranding
  • A range of stock and customised sizes are available
  • Premium range of knitted garments in both standard and customised colours. 
  • We design and manufacture our uniforms in our factory and all our products are designed to suit your particular climate. Our highly experienced design team can create a customized school and staff uniform, exclusive to your school. 

Why Choose us as your School Uniform Suppliers:- 

  • We not only offer school uniforms online, but also have a showroom in Pune. 
  • We can match colours, patterns and branding to your current Uniforms. 
  • We can design a new branded school uniform from scratch for your educational facility. 
  • With over 27 years of experience in the design and manufacturing industry, you can rest assured that your school and staff uniforms will be of the highest quality. 
  • With our range of customised accessories, your branded uniform will enhance the reputation of our educational facility within the local community. 
  • Our uniforms can be customised to suit your environmental climate, seasonal and all year round.